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Vaarroute Gelderland

Ship Install boating route 7: Gelderland

Ship Installation Waterway: Gelderland

Gelderland is a beautiful province to discover, especially when you’re looking from the water. The sailing routes in this province take you along beautiful cities like Arnhem and vast forests and heaths.


Sailing on the Golden Ham

The recreational nature reserve The Golden Ham is a wonderful place for pleasure cruising and water sports. The lake is surrounded by beautiful beaches and there is a big island with a campsite in the middle. In this area, you can float around in peace and quiet.

Around the water, you will find many cosy terraces where you can stop for a drink or a delicious lunch. You are guaranteed to have an unforgettable day on the water at the recreational nature reserve The Golden Ham.


Moor and enjoy

Conclude your cruise in Gelderland with a visit to the village of Appeltern. Here you will find the largest garden inspiration park in the Netherlands. You can visit Appeltern by following the river ‘the Maas’ and mooring at recreation area De Golden Ham. Would you like to experience some culture during your time on the water? Then visit the historic Hanseatic city of Zaltbommel. You can easily moor in the city’s marina. Take a historic cruise through the city centre and visit the famous St. Maartens church and the watergate.


Cross the waters of Gelderland

Follow the Maas-Waal route and cross the province of Gelderland. You start your trip in Gorinchem and sail up the dammed Maas. On the way, you pass many historical cities such as Heusden and Grave. From Weurt, you sail up the river, the Waal. Please keep in mind that the Waal is one of the busiest rivers in the Netherlands. Would you like to moor along the way? Then it is best to do this while you are still sailing on the Maas. There is considerably more mooring place than on the Waal. You can also choose to sail from the Maas into North Brabant. On our blog, you will find practical tips and great sailing routes in North Brabant.


Well prepared for the water

Enjoy the varied sailing routes in the province of Gelderland. Prepare well before you go on the water. Look in advance for marinas where you can moor or stay the night. That way, you will not encounter any unpleasant surprises during your cruise.


We wish you a lot of boating pleasure!