Service-oriented customised solutions
in yacht and commercial shipping.

Ship Install: your installation technical partner

We have been your installation technical partner for the construction and outfitting of yachts and commercial vessels for over 15 years. We also provide complete maintenance of these vessels and we offer an excellent repair service. We can return existing ships back to their original condition: performing a refit. Fully finished or in parts, commissioned by third parties. From air conditioning to central heating, from toilets to water tanks, and from telecommunications, navigation and GPS to satellite telephony. Fast, precise and solid installation, maintenance and service for you.

Active as a partner

We are your professional partner for the sale, installation and repair of numerous marine accessories. We also act as a dealer/distributor of a large number of A-brands. Our well-trained and experienced staff install these accessories. Our mission is to ensure that you are so pleased that you will return. This way, we get to know you and you get to know us. That is what we mean by partnership. Wherever you deploy us, at our workshop or on site: we fully equip your ship, solve your problem expeditiously and deliver quality work. In short: all occurring work, proactive and service-oriented!

Both (sea) legs on the ground!

Our approach? Say what you do and do what you say. We have clear agreements that we stick to and a sober approach to every job, because we work with short lines. In short, we work with both (sea) legs on the ground! Please contact us for more information.

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