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Whisperpower Acculader

The WhisperPower battery chargers are able to convert any type of alternating current into a uniform 12V, 24V or 48V direct current. This is regardless of the voltage or the frequency. Became curious? Feel free to contact us!

Whisperpower Generator

There are different ways to generate power, but with the help of the WhisperPower generator the energy problem on board is definitively solved. The diesel generators ensure that there is always power available on board.

Whisperpower Omvormer

The WhisperPower frequency converters are capable of converting 12V or 24V battery voltage to the exact same mains voltage as at your home. Not all appliances need a generator on diesel or petrol to work.

Whisperpower Combinaties

The WhisperPower combination consists of a converter with a battery charger and a changeover relay in one box. These are therefore built in together and are compact, space-saving, robust and extremely powerful.