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Porsche Kineo ’27

Ship Install / Porsche Kineo ’27

Porsche Kineo ’27

For 20 months, Ship Install has restored the Porsche Kineo ’27 to its original state. This speed boat from Porsche was developed in the 80s with the intention to go into production later. Ultimately only three speed boats of this type were built, making this Porsche Kineo very special! This collector’s item can reach a speed of 128 kilometers per hour.

Porsche speed boat

The maintenance and refit of this Porsche speedboat required a lot of knowledge. Ship Install was responsible for the renovation of this unique Porsche Kineo ’27. The owner said the following about this: “As owner of this Porsche Kineo, I can tell you that this restoration (in original condition) has been perfectly executed by Ship Install! The result? A unique Porsche Design powerboat of which there is now only one in the whole world! Top job delivered by Ship Install.”

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16 November 2017


Ship Install