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Ship lighting for your ship

Ship lighting for your ship

Ship’s lighting, the word says it all. With this, you provide your ship with lighting, but did you know that ship’s lighting is different for each type of ship. That way, even in the dark, you can see what type of ship you are dealing with. The use of ship lights is compulsory after sunset. On ships, besides different types of ship’s lighting for each type of ship, there are also different types of ship’s electrics on board.

Different types of ship lighting

So, as we mentioned above, there are different types of ship lighting. You can distinguish between different types of ship lighting: navigation lighting, shipboard lighting and searchlight or beam light. At Ship Install, we mainly work with Simrad marine lighting. Simrad Netherlands is known for its solid and reliable marine electronics. Simrad’s range is very complete and includes products for ships and boats of all sizes. So you can set sail with a good feeling!

Ship Install service and expertise

Ship’s electrics are a profession in their own right, as most ships are built purely for taking to the water. So much more than an engine is often not taken into account, especially on older ships. Fortunately, Ship Install has a team of experienced specialists who can fully equip your vessel with the right marine lighting for just that little bit more comfort. As a Simrad dealer, we are happy to provide perfect installation, maintenance and any repairs of all products.

Do you have a question about ship lighting, Simrad products, are you curious about references or do you simply need advice on, for example, the maintenance of your ship? We will gladly help you! Feel free to contact us.