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Boating route

Ship Install / Boating route
varen in de winter

Boating during winter

A beautiful trip by boat doesn’t have to be limited to summer days. With the right preparation, boating during winter could be fantastic. Boating during winter can be rather relaxing, as the waters tend to be less busy. However, there are some things to keep...

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Boot winterklaar maken

Winterising your boat?

Winterising your boat? With winter approaching, it is time to winterise your boat. Earlier, we talked about how important winter maintenance on your boat is and what we can do for you in this respect.  Do you choose to leave your boat in the water or do...

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Vaarroute Flevoland

Ship Install boating route 6: Flevoland

Ship Install waterway 6: Flevoland The province of Flevoland is surrounded by magnificent waterways. On the westside, Flevoland is enclosed by the Markermeer and on the northside by the Ketelmeer. On the south and east side you find the Gooimeer, Veluwemeer, Eemmeer, Wolderwijd, Vossemeer and Drontenermeer....

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