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boating north Holland

Ship Install boating route 9: North Holland

Ship Install waterway 9: North Holland

What could be more wonderful than a beautiful day enjoying the fresh air on the water? We are very lucky with our beautiful little country. We have great springs and sunny summers. Secretly we all itch to go out and sail one of the many beautiful sailing areas that the Netherlands offers us. Noord-Holland is one of these areas. North Holland is a water sports province that has everything to offer for every water sports enthusiast. Whether you want to sail a motorboat, sailing yacht or a sloop, it’s all possible in North Holland.

Waterways Alkmaar – Den Helder

For all the sunny days ahead, we have listed a number of beautiful sailing routes in various provinces, with North Holland in this article. We give you a beautiful sailing route that starts in Alkmaar and ends in Den Helder.

The starting point is from Alkmaar from the Bierkade. You will have to pass a number of bridges before you are out of Alkmaar. First you will pass the Frisian Bridge. This will turn quickly for you as the bridges are monitored with cameras. The only bottleneck can be the Spoorbrug. It turns at fixed times, namely at 25 minutes past and 55 minutes past. Then you pass the Huisman Bridge and you’re out of Alkmaar.

After leaving Alkmaar, you will encounter a number of other bridges on your route, such as the Koedijkervlotbrug. You will probably have little trouble with these. You also only have to follow the main canal.

You can choose to make a stopover in Schagen or to sail straight on to Den Helder. If you sail on to Den Helder, pay attention. You must wait until the flashing light is extinguished, otherwise a steel cable will still be hanging above the water. You are almost in Den Helder. Now you can choose to sail to the inner harbors or to the Royal Marina Yacht Club of Den Helder.

Moor on and enjoy

Now you can enjoy all the beauty that Den Helder has to offer. For example, Den Helder has several museums, a large North Sea aquarium and large lighthouses. There are also dozens of eateries that are only too happy to welcome you. Den Helder is definitely worth mooring on to!

Lots of boating fun!

Enjoy a wonderful sailing route through the beautiful waters of North Holland. Plan your route well in advance to avoid any obstacles.

We wish you a lot of boating pleasure on this wonderful route through North Holland!