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Bootonderhoud door Ship Install

Everything about boat maintenance and Ship Install

You probably already know us, after all, Ship Install has been around for 19 years. In those 19 years, we have been responsible for the technical outfitting of hundreds of motor and sailing yachts. And we have been able to take care of just as many professional vessels and carry out boat maintenance. But for those who don’t know us yet, or could use a refresher ? , we would like to tell you a bit about ourselves. 


Did you know… you can always call us for all your boat maintenance needs and more?

Everything is possible! Well, at least a lot. Our eight experienced specialists will be happy to help you in our workshop in Heusden. Do you have a need for assistance on location, in Europe or even beyond? Even then we are happy to help you! With our breakdown service, we are there for you 24/7, both at home and abroad. It is not unusual for us to help our customers with boat maintenance in ports in Croatia, Greece, France and the United States, for example. 


Besides being in any place, you can count on us for secure repairs, boat maintenance and service under any circumstances. Our service technicians are experienced, get to the bottom of your problem on the spot and provide an appropriate solution. Of course, we also repair boat parts that are not original to us. Our aim is to ensure that you can set sail safely again! You can reach us on 0416 665 335.


Did you know that… Ship Install is a partner of many leading maritime A-brands?

Whatever kind of boat you manage: you deserve comfort on board. For that reason, Ship Install is only a dealer of top maritime brands. As a result, our customers are the first to enjoy the systems that make your stay on board comfortable so that you can enjoy the water to the full. Would you like to know which A-brands we deal with? Take a look at our brand overview! We will gladly provide you with the right advice.


Did you know that… Ship Install likes to give boats a second life?

Bringing a boat back to new condition through maintenance – performing a refit – requires a lot of knowledge. Over the past 19 years, we have gained enormous experience in technical installation, boat maintenance and ship electronics repair. 


The most special refit we have carried out has to be the Porsche Kineo ’27! For 20 months, Ship Install restored this Porsche speedboat, through boat maintenance, to its original condition. This speedboat from Porsche was developed in the 1980s with the intention of later going into production. Eventually, only three speedboats of this type were built, making this Porsche Kineo very special! The collector’s item can reach speeds of up to 128 kilometres per hour.


Want to know even more about Ship Install’s boat maintenance?

We would like to keep you informed about the latest developments, important news items and updates by means of our newsletter! It is published 6 times a year on average, so do not hesitate to subscribe via the website Do you have any direct questions? If so, you can always contact us.