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boating route Zuid-Holland

Ship Install boating route 8: South Holland

Ship Install waterway 8: South Holland

The Netherlands has about 10,000 kilometers of navigable waterways. This time we’ll map out a beautiful route for South Holland, that takes you from North Holland to South Holland.

From North Holland to South Holland

To start our boating route in South Holland, we use the Markermeer as our starting point. Coming from the Markermeer, you pass the Oranjesluizen. Make sure you keep to the starboard shore. Once you passed the Central Station you arrive at the Houthaven. Now you can go to the Westerkanaal where you have to pay the bridge keeper a passage fee.

After paying the bridge keeper you can proceed to the assembly point for the railroad bridge. This bridge is operated from 01.00 hrs. Wait your turn and keep the order. Hurrying and pushing is no use, joining is. Everything else will run smoothly and the passage through Amsterdam will not take longer than 2 hours.

The end point

The bridges are operated by the bridge keepers who ride along with the convoy. The Nieuwe Meersluis lock is the end point of the passage through Amsterdam. You then sail to the bridges on the Schiphol railroad line and the A10. On weekdays the Schiphol bridge is operated between 5:00 and 6:30 am. On weekends later, so keep this in mind.

At the route Alphen aan den Rijn to Willemstad you will have to deal with the Konvooivaart again. There is a chance you may have to wait a while. There are waiting piers for the railroad bridge at Gouda. These are operated at 13:12, 16:12 and 21:12 (Sundays 12:12 and 14:12).

In Dordrecht you have many opportunities to spend the night. If you want to sail on, you will come to the railroad bridge of Dordrecht. From here it is a 2-hour boat ride to Willemstad. It may be that you have to wait a moment. You can then choose to moor at the Leuvehaven.

Have fun!

Enjoy the beautiful boating route in South Holland. Prepare well in advance to avoid any hindrances. Plan the route step by step and look for places to moor. We wish you a lot of boating pleasure!