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Winterising your boat?

Winterising your boat?

With winter approaching, it is time to winterise your boat. Earlier, we talked about how important winter maintenance on your boat is and what we can do for you in this respect. 

Do you choose to leave your boat in the water or do you put it on the shore? In either case, there are a number of things important to consider. We take you further into this using a checklist!


Important things to do when winterising your boat

When winterising your boat, we look at the following points:

  • The engine

In addition to regular maintenance, we look at the engine to ensure that no water can remain in the system.

  • The technology (gas & electricity)

Here we look at the battery, gas hoses and couplings, electrical equipment on board and pay attention to the rotating parts of the boat.

  • Drinking water supply and toilet

To make this winter-ready, we make sure that all water is completely pumped out at all facilities. Then we get to work on antifreeze so the pipes don’t freeze this winter.

  • Hull and deck

In this section, we make sure everything is thoroughly clean and protect certain parts for the cold winter months by greasing, covering or sealing them, for example. 

  • Rigging

We remove these from the boat and lubricate them if necessary, then clean the blocks and sheaves. 

  • Equipment and inside the boat

Here we check the life jackets and fire extinguishers for maintenance, remove anything that does not cope well with moisture and cold and install moisture-extractors in the various rooms. 

You can print out the above checklist and keep it in your boat as a reminder for this every year! 


Contracting out winter maintenance?

The tasks and thus costs of winterising your boat will differ from boat to boat. Would you like to leave the winter maintenance of your boat to the professionals at Ship Install? We will be happy to take this worry off your hands! Contact us to discuss all options.