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FirePro Benelux

Every year a lot of damage to vessels is caused by fire. Because of the use of new technologies on board, conventional firefighting installations no longer suffice. In the past, extensive systems and expensive installations were used for fire prevention. Together with FirePro Benelux, Ship Install would like to bring a change to this situation.

Dealer of FirePro

As a FirePro dealer, Ship Install is happy to offer you the solution. FirePro Benelux’s certified, environmentally-friendly and compact fire extinguishers can hang anywhere, without expensive pipe installations or pumps. They also require little maintenance and have a long service life. The fire extinguishers are so effective that the development of the fire can be stopped at an early stage. This prevents damage from the fire and from the extinguishing effort as well. As a FirePro Benelux dealer, Ship Install can install and service all FirePro fire-extinguishing systems for you.

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