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Zelfvarende Drone

Self-Sailing Drones

Jointly made possible by Ship Install! Together with Rijkswaterstaat, Aquatic Drones and other technical leaders, Ship Install has been closely involved in the co-creation of self-sailing drones. The self-propelled drones will carry out (depth) measurements on inland waters in the future. The goal: a high-tech solution that is smart, clean and safe.

Smart Shipping Challenge

The Smart Shipping Challenge is part of the question of how we can maintain the quality of life while keeping nature clean. Improving the sustainability of waterway management, improving water quality and the creation of good conditions for marine ecology play a major role here. Development and realization in co-creation and open source ensures that knowledge and experience are shared and innovations are quickly brought to the market. We are proud to be part of this successful project and are happy to keep you informed of developments.

Contact about self-sailing drones

Would you like to receive more information about the self-propelled drones that Ship Install cooperated to create?