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Vaarroute Overijssel

Ship Install boating route 3: Overijssel

Ship Install waterway 3: Overijssel

Discover the beautiful nature that the province of Overijssel has to offer during your cruise. Here you will see vast forests, pastures and impressive estates pass you by. On the 137 kilometres of water that can be found in this province you can enjoy sailing or floating around. Along the way you can moor at the marinas of unique places such as Giethoorn, Zwolle and Kampen.


Discover the Weerribben 

Overijssel has a lot to offer to the pleasure cruiser. Here you will find one of the most beautiful river landscapes in the Netherlands. From the IJssel you can sail via a good connection from Hasselt to Belterwijde. Here you will find the large marshland area called De Weerribben. Plot a beautiful sailing route in the endless reed fields and swamp forests of Overijssel. If you are lucky you can even see otters swimming.


Sailing on the Reevediep

The Reevediep can be found between the Drontermeer and the Gelderse IJssel. This waterway was opened in 2019 and is 7.5 kilometres long. When you follow your sailing route through the Reevediep you will end up at the Overijssel island of Reve. Along the way you will pass the nature reserves De Enk and De Koerskolk which are under the management of Staatsbosbeheer. Please note that the maximum speed is six kilometres per hour. You can moor between the Scheeres Luis locks and the Gelderse IJssel.


Sailing route from Overijssel to Friesland 

Overijssel is directly connected to the beautiful waters of Friesland. From Zwarte Meer, translated this is called the black lake, you can easily sail towards Friesland via Ketelmeer and IJsselmeer. Here you can moor in historic Makkum or visit the extensive Poelen area. Would you like to know more about our sailing routes from Overijssel to Friesland? Then read our detailed description and tips.


Have fun sailing!

Overijssel offers more than enough reasons to discover one of the many sailing routes! Determine your route and the places where you want to moor in advance. This way you will not encounter any unexpected surprises.

We wish you a lot of boating pleasure!