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Webasto Koelkast

Webasto Refrigerator

Quality in the galley: that is what you are looking for. Together, Webasto and Indel form Indel Webasto Marine: refrigerators that work under difficult conditions. A refrigerator on board must be able to withstand violent movements, do its work silently and also be reliable. The most important thing is that a refrigerator on board minimally depletes the batteries, so that you can optimally enjoy the comfort on your yacht.

Advantages of having a Webasto refrigerator on board:

  • Collaboration between Webasto and large refrigerator manufacturer Indel B.
  • The marine refrigerators work under difficult conditions.
  • Your batteries are minimally depleted.
  • With a Webasto refrigerator on board, you are going for quality the galley!

Ship Install installs, services and repairs

Our experienced employees will be glad to install, service and repair a Webasto refrigerator on board. We have over 15 years of experience and know how important it is to have a shock-resistant, noiseless and reliable refrigerator on board. Curious about our service?

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