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Mastervolt Omvormer

Mastervolt Converter

Mastervolt frequency converters easily convert the voltage of 12V or 24V batteries to 230V / 50Hz or 120V / 60Hz. In this way you enjoy every comfort, just like at home. After all, every device that you use at home can be used effortlessly on board. From warming up food in the microwave, to drying your hair with your hair dryer. This is no problem at all for Mastervolt frequency converters.

Ship Install advises

We have the complete Mastervolt range of 300 Watt converters up to 35 kWatt, in AC Master, Mass Sine and Mass Sine Ultra models. The Mass Sine and Mass Sine Ultra models are suitable for larger systems and for professional purposes, while the AC Master is ideal for small and medium-sized applications.

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As a Mastervolt dealer we offer you every service in the field of installation, maintenance and repair. With more than 15 years of experience, we know exactly how this equipment is best suited to you on board. Became curious? Feel free to contact us.

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