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Mastervolt Acculader

Comfort, safety and luxury: you do not only seek these at home but also on board. As a boat owner you expect that the power on board is the same as at home. The Mastervolt battery chargers are designed for professional and recreational environments.

Mastervolt Omvormer

Mastervolt frequency converters easily convert the voltage of 12V or 24V batteries to 230V / 50Hz or 120V / 60Hz. In this way you enjoy every comfort, just like at home. Became curious? Feel free to contact us. We would like to advise you!

Mastervolt Combinatie

The Mastervolt combinations offer the charging of batteries, converting and more in one compact housing. But this is not all; there are also many supplemental functionalities added such as power support and charging a second battery.

Mastervolt Accu

Mastervolt has the power solution for you that you want to have on board. Whether you opt for an affordable battery or for the innovative and technologically advanced Lithium Ion. We would like to tell you more about the series.

Mastervolt Elektrisch

Electric propulsion on vessels is becoming increasingly popular and receives more and more attention. Not very surprising since electric propulsion is quiet and because of the lack of vibrations from a combustion engine, it is also very comfortable.