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Mastervolt Accu

Mastervolt Battery

Mastervolt has the power solution for you that you want to have on board. Whether you opt for an affordable battery or for the innovative and technologically advanced Lithium Ion.

Battery Range

For your convenience, there is the Mastervolt battery range which consists of 31 types, divided into 6 series and 4 different battery technologies. Each series has its own plus points and varies in price, capacity, dimensions, volume and lifetime.

All Mast Volt batteries are also maintenance-free, safe, easy to install and are designed for cyclic use.

In addition, all Mastervolt batteries have shock-resistant positive and negative battery plates with rubber separation. The electrolyte is absorbed in gel or in glass fiber (AGM). High-quality lead / calcium alloy guarantees the retaining of the starting capacity and ensures negligible self-discharge.

Ship Install advises

We are happy to help you choose the right battery, since you have to take into account the correct battery capacity. In addition, we would like to tell you more about the different series and battery technologies that we can offer you on behalf of Mastervolt.

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