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Mastervolt Elektrisch

Mastervolt Hybrid

Electric propulsion on vessels is becoming increasingly popular and receives more and more attention. Not very surprising since electric propulsion is quiet and because of the lack of vibrations from a combustion engine, it is also very comfortable. Obviously it is also very environmentally friendly and there is a good reason that more and more ‘green’ zones are being introduced around the world where electrical propulsion is the only thing left allowed.

Electric boating systems

Mastervolt offers complete systems for electric sailing up to 20 kW or customized solutions with a higher capacity (up to 40 kW). These have been developed in collaboration with experts in this area. All motors are supplied including motor controller, cables, display / monitor, ignition key, main switch and main fuse. In terms of design, use of materials and the form of gas handles, there are plenty of possibilities, we will be happy to discuss these with you.

Advice from Ship Install

It is understandable when you have questions regarding electric ship propulsion, as this is a fairly new phenomenon. We are of course at your service to answer all of your questions.

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